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Meet the team – Mont Ventoux Challenge


Morgane De Halleux

29 // Diegem - Consulting FSO

Strenght // Perseverance

“Cycling forces you to constantly improve yourself,both physically and mentally. Cycling is not just a sport, it is a lifestyle.”


Steven Dunon

35 // Diegem - Consulting FSO
Cycling is... the freedom to go wherever the wind takes me.

“I'm an all-rounder who can go for the kill in a sprint finish.”


Marin Giot 

24 // Diegem - Strategy & Transactions
Cycling is... a simple way to have fun, relax and not worry about tomorrow.

"Climbing Mont Ventoux was on my bucket list, so I didn't think twice about taking the opportunity".

Stievert Ver Eecke 

37 // Diegem - Strategy & Transactions
Strenght // Endurance & climbing

"I'm taking part to challenge myself and show that work and sport can go hand in hand.”

Tristan Dhondt

54 // Diegem - Strategy & Transactions
Strenght // Perseverance and focus

"Cycling is the perfect way for me to clear my head."

Alexander Bode

28 // Ghent- Audit
Strenght // I'm a go-getter

"I want to push my limits and see how my body reacts to an out-of-category challenge.”

Bjorn Gossye

26 // Diegem - Consulting
Cycling is... freedom!

"I want to use this opportunity to train for the Amstel Gold Race and to have new cycling challenges in 2023.”

Filip Simpelaere

41 // Diegem- Assurance
I take part... for the heroism and to push my limits.

"Cycling is my way of disconnecting and my favorite way to get to work".

Alexis Beernaert

30 // Bruges - ACR

Strenght // Acceleration

"I look forward to pushing my limits"

Zoltan Vadkert

40 // Diegem- Tax
Strenght // My never-say-die mentality!

"I would like to be more integrated into the EY family. And I love challenges. I could never say no to a good challenge like this!”

Thomas Tytgat

25 // Diegem - Consulting

I’m taking part... because climbing Mont Ventoux (twice) is a great challenge!

"Cycling is one of the most beautiful sports in the world and a great way to stay fit and meet friends".

Lisa De Blauwe

26 // Diegem - Consulting

Strenght // Climbing!

"I am curious to see how far I can push myself during this cycling adventure.”

Franky Pé

43 // Diegem - CBS

Cycling is... my passion and my therapy. It combines competition, adventure and tranquility.

"I am always up for a challenge, but I have never had the opportunity to do it under professional supervision, so bring it on!”

Daan Vermang

24 // Diegem - Consulting FSO
Cycling is... My youth, my present and my future.

"As a cyclist, I know how to train hard. I love long rides. And I live in the middle of the Flemish Ardennes. So I know how to climb!”

Niels De Graeve

31 // Diegem - Tax | People Advisory Services
Strength // Climbing & long distance

"For me, cycling is more than a hobby, it's a passion and a way of life. 15 years after my first attempt, this time I will climb Mont Ventoux!”

Jean-Louis De Beurme

28 // Diegem - Consulting
I am taking part... because I want to have a new physical challenge in 2023

"Cycling is a way to clear my head after a busy day at work, enjoy the beautiful views and be in the company of friends on rides. It's a way to keep challenging myself.”

Nele Heeman

30 // Diegem - CBS | HR
Cycling is... pushing your limits

"I'm super motivated to complete this tough challenge together. Let's hope it's a challenge I can tick off my bucket list!”

Joachim Van Caeneghem

30 // Diegem - Consulting
Strengths // Discipline and the courage to train for a big goal.

"Cycling is the best way to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning, focusing on a rhythm, clearing your mind and letting your thoughts wander.”

Arno De Clippeleir

29 // Diegem - FSO | Consumer & growth
Cycling is... a way to socialize with friends while pushing your limits!

"I can't wait to see what I can do with professional training."

Kwinten De Mey

26 // Ghent - Assurance
Cycling is... an enjoyable way to clear my head.

"My strength are short, hard climbs. And I also enjoy a Duvel after all the effort!”

Jelle Leus

26 // Ghent - ACR
Strengths // I am young, but I have a lot of experience. And I'm a fighter, I don't give up.

"Cycling is my passion, it keeps you fit, but it also clears your mind and gives you time to think about life. The freedom of cycling home from work instead of driving is liberating".

Ine Vandepoele

27 // Diegem - FSO | Consumer & growth
Cycling is...a perfect way to clear my head and be with friends.

"I am always looking for a new challenge. Being guided by a team of professionals is the perfect opportunity to test my limits.”

Alexander Verachtert

25 // Antwerp - Audit
Cycling is... freedom

"I'm so ready for this challenge and to explore my limits.”

Ronald Van den Ecker

51 // Antwerp - Assurance
Strength // Making sure the group stays together and is safe on the road.

"Being active is one of the best ways to stay healthy and keep your mental balance. Riding the Mont Ventoux has been on my bucket list for a few years now and I don't want to miss this opportunity".

Philippe Verhoeven

53 // Antwerp - Tax
Cycling is... a way of discovering the undiscovered nearby

"The only way to be successful is to set yourself goals. A goal like Mont Ventoux (or even Everest :-)) makes me happy and healthy".

Ludovic Deprez

39 // Diegem - Assurance
Strength // Cycling against the wind.

"Common challenges are the best way to create a better us and me."

Dries Arijs

28 // Diegem - Assurance
Cycling is... discovering the world.

"I'm up for the challenge and will use my endurance as my greatest strenght.”

Nicolas Aelbers

25 // Diegem - M&A Lead Advisory
Strength // I'm a climber!

"Cycling is about spending time with friends and discovering new places."

Christophe Milde

39 // Antwerp - Assurance
Strength // The cobbles of Paris-Roubaix

“Cycling is better than medication and cheaper than therapy.”

Kris Volkaerts

52 // Diegem - FSO Consulting
Strength // Endurance, resilience, and experience. Bring it on!

“I can't wait to discover the mystique of Mont Ventoux.”

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