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Fiets naar het werk met Bike to Work &
je fietsrit wordt nog leuker!

Maak gratis je Bike to Work-account aan. Geniet van de voordelen van het fietsen naar het werk, vind comfortabele fietsroutes en houd je statistieken bij.

Laat alle stress en drukte achter op het werk. Met de fiets blijf je de files voor en kom je steeds op tijd.  Regelmatig fietsen voorkomt overgewicht. Wie dagelijks fietst, leeft 2,5 jaar langer en is gemiddeld 1 dag minder ziek per jaar.


Plan een fietsvriendelijke route

Maak een account aan op www.biketowork.be. Maak je route naar het werk en krijg een fietsrouteadvies.

De fietsroutes gebruiken Open Street Maps. Pas je route aan door tussenpunten, extra ritten en andere vervoersmiddelen toe te voegen. Plan een fietsroute met app en gebruik navigatie.

Monitor je fietsprestaties

Registreer je verplaatsingen naar het werk op je persoonlijke kalender. De tellers houden bij hoeveel km je gefietst hebt en hoeveel CO2 je hebt uitgespaard. Bekijk uw statistieken op wekelijkse, maandelijkse of jaarlijkse basis.

Volg je fiets-naar-werk ambities op door je persoonlijk Bike to Work doel te stellen.

Spring Challenge!

Maak een team met collega’s en verdien “BIKE COINS” met de Bike to Work Challenge. Gedurende 1 maand fietsen alle teams om hun fietsambitie waar te maken: 25%, 50%, 75% of 100% met de fiets.

  • Fiets: bike coins
  • Te voet & openbaar vervoer: 1 bike coin
  • Step, mono wheel, e-scooter, …: 1 bike coin


Nog niet overtuigd?
Check snel deze video van Bike to Work, ePowered by Bosch!

The 15th edition of Adecco Brussels Ekiden turned into a beautiful day. More than 7,500 runners with 30 different nationalities, successfully completed their relay marathon on Saturday. One of them was Carl Vos, EY colleague at office Diegem. We asked him a few questions about his participation in the Brussels Ekiden.

Have you participated in an EY event before? Which one
Yes I did. I participated in the Antwerp 10 miles and the 20km of Brussels in 2017 and the Antwerp Marathon in 2018 under the EY flag. In the Antwerp Marathon, I took part together with a close friend who works at the EY Tax department. Together with other Advisory colleagues, we also participated in the EY For Life event and a Spartacus Run in 2017 and a Strong Viking Run in 2018.

Was it the first time you participated in the Brussels Ekiden?
Yes, it was. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it last year.

How did you experience the Brussels Ekiden?
The weather was beautiful; the sun was shining and it wasn’t too hot so conditions were perfect for running. Everything was taken care of so we didn’t have to worry about anything other than enjoying ourselves and, of course, running as fast as possible. Overall as a team, we really enjoyed ourselves and had a great time.

What makes this event so much fun?
The event is great for a variety of reasons:o Due to the fact that over 1000 teams from all different levels take part, you have the opportunity to see professional runners at work, while also running with people who run at the same level and pace as yourself.
o You have the opportunity to get to know your colleagues outside of the professional environment.
o It’s a nice fitness test to see how far you are in whatever you’re trying to achieve.
o Last but not least – it’s a nice experience to run on the track of the King Baudouin Stadium.

Why should everyone participate in this event?
The event is very accessible, with distances between 5 and 10km and runners from all levels. You will always have people running at the same pace as yourself, so you’ll never run alone. Also, the barbecue afterwards and the champagne for the 5 best EY teams are quite a good motivator for participation.

Will we see you back next year?
I’ll try my best to make it and as soon as the date of the 2019 edition is known, I’ll definitely mark it in my agenda.


Thanks for this interview, Carl and hopefully we will see you at EY For Life on November 30 also in the King Baudouin stadium!

On Friday 31st August, I had the chance to go the Memorial Van Damme thanks to EY’s partnership with the BOIC. After the well-known Friday  rush hour traffic, we arrived at the King Baudouin stadium.

As everyone desperately was looking for a parking space, we had the privilege to park at the headquarters of the BOIC. Which is just next to the stadium! A delicious walking dinner was waiting for us. Supporting the athletes with a full belly is so much more fun!
While walking to the stadium we heard the audience cheering. The atmosphere was great. We were very excited! We had amazing places, on the 5th row just at the finish line; It was very nice to witness the arrival of the athletes after their sprint. Although my favorite Olympian athlete Nafi Thiam wasn’t at her best, it was so cool to see her jumping up close.
After the event we could enjoy a sweet dessert buffet back at the BOIC headquarters.

Big thanks to EY and BOIC for this opportunity. We thoroughly enjoyed it!


Evelien Baute

Your running shoes tend to get a real battering when you run. The number of miles you cover will break down your soles, but the weather conditions, the road surface or the underground on which you run also reduce their resilience.

Do you hope to use your favourite running shoes for many more years to come? Then treat them with care and follow these tips.

  • Never dry your shoes near a heat source.
  • Remove the soles after your training so your shoes can dry out completely.
  • Clean them regularly with cold water and a soft brush. Never put them in your washing machine.
  • Are you a regular runner? Then buy a second pairof shoes. At least your shoes, and their soles, will have more time to recover in between runs.

When you observe runners, you’ll notice they often wear the same apparel. Running tights are part of a runner’s kit.

Tights in the right material will make you feel comfortable while running and will wick the moisture away from your body. They come in all sizes and different styles. There are summer and winter tights, which have a wind panel on the upper leg.

Nowadays compression tights are also catching on. These stimulate blood flow, so your muscles can recover more easily and will feel less painful after running. Your calf muscles are more compressed, you are less likely to experience cramps, will run more efficiently and reduce your risk of injuries.

Specialised shop with experienced sales staff. Runners’lab sells different brands for men and women. You can find tights for every type of training here.

A good sports bra is everything while running. As your breasts move in three different directions when exercising, good support is vital. A sports bra absorbs shocks and ensures women feel no pain in their chest, neck or back.
We subdivided the bras into two different categories as no two bodies or breasts are identical.

Type 1: The compression bra

Suited for women with small to medium-sized breasts. These bras usually have cross straps on the back. The compression bra is very tight and will compress your breasts against your body.

Type 2: The encapsulated bra

This type of bra is more suited for women with larger breasts. The breasts are individually encapsulated, preventing horizontal movement.

Go to a specialised store and ask the sales assistant for help when purchasing a sports bra.

The tips may help you:
  • Always try on your bra for size. Different brands have different sizing.
  • Try different brands.
  • With or without an underwire?
  • Your bra must fit firmly and may not cut into your breast tissue. A bra that is too large will also be uncomfortable.
  • Choose a seamless bra.
  • Jump up and down when fitting a bra.

The right choice of sock can really help with a good run or training. So give your feet a treat and buy yourself a good pair of weatherproof socks.

Running socks have various functions. They ensure that the moisture from sweating is wicked away, your feet stay warm and also offer shock-absorption. The compression sock also gives your legs a firm feeling and helps maintain blood circulation. It won’t surprise you then that you need to take a few things into account when buying socks:

  • What season is it?
  • What height of sock do I want?
  • Compression sock or not?

Specialist shop with a wide range of running socks and shoes.

Seamless compression socks that are good value for money.

Top quality, long compression socks.

Thin, seamless socks that keep your feet dry.

Sleek socks with a thick sole.

Anyone who uses public roads when they are exercising knows they have to be careful. Nevertheless, we have all forgotten to take the risks into account when pushing our physical boundaries. A few tips to make your road-based sporting activities a little safer…

Be seen!

Make sure that you can be seen when out and about. Those who exercise on the roads must make sure they are highly visible. Wear fluorescent or reflective clothing or pull on a safety vest. Take a light or wear illuminated sweatbands. This will ensure you stay visible in the dark so that other road-users can see you.

Signal your manoeuvres.

Let the cars and cyclists around you know what you’re going to do so that they can take you into account. Stick your hand out if you are turning off or crossing and make eye-contact with other road-users. You then know whether or not they have seen you. Respect the traffic regulations: cross at a crossing point and wait until the traffic lights have turned green. If there is no crossing point in the vicinity, choose a well-lit place to cross the road: don’t cross on a bend, on a hill, under a bridge or between parked cars.

Outline your route before you leave

If you know where you’re going when you leave, you can be aware of dangerous points and avoid busy roads. If there is no footpath, cycle route or verge, run on the right hand side so that you are facing oncoming traffic.

Take a mobile phone with you

It can’t hurt to have a mobile phone in your pocket. In an emergency, you may need it.

Tempted to skip evening training in the dark evenings? You’ll find new energy with these tips:

  • Listen to quick, loud music. 

    Pulsing music increases motivation. If you play it before training, you will stimulate your system to put in a great performance.

  •  But first coffee 

    Even a small quantity of caffeine can help your levels of alertness. You can combat mid-afternoon tiredness and will feel better about leaving the house to run.

  • Look at sporting successes 

    People who look at inspirational running moments, activate the ‘muscle neurones’ in the brain and you’ll want to emulate the success you’re watching.

  • Eat chocolate 

    Dark chocolate contains the flavinoid epicatechin that stimulates the blood circulation to reach important parts of the brain and also combats stress. The substance theobromine improves humour and is gently activating.

  • See the light 

    In order to feel energised in the autumn and maintain a healthy waking/sleeping routine, you must see sufficient daylight. If you can’t get outside, try to sit by a daylight lamp for around half an hour at lunchtime.

  •  Wear red clothing 

    Colours impact upon our mood and red has a stimulating effect; it increases the heart rate and expands the quantity of adrenaline in the blood.

Jogging is becoming increasingly popular and is even healthier in a green environment. So pull on your sports shoes and discover the natural beauty in our regions when you’re running; you can walk/run wherever you like. The Nature and Woodland Agency would like to work with Sport Flanders to create a number of uniform exercise routes. Energy boost guaranteed!